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Submissions Policy
By dave

BlackWyrm Publishing is open for submissions. Here's how to pitch to us.

Use the Email Us link, and choose Submissions in the first dropdown.

Include a little about your story, and why a reader would want to pick it up. Two or three paragraphs max. Think of it as the "back cover" to your finished book.

If the idea strikes our fancy, we'll contact you asking for a few chapters so that we can get an idea of your writing style and ability.

If we also like that, we'll extend you a contract.

Our typical contract stipulates that BlackWyrm provides the editing, cover design, money for printing, promotion, and ebook conversion. BlackWyrm keeps the revenue until the book breaks even, then splits the money evenly with the author thereafter.

Authors can also buy as many books as they want at half cover price, and can keep the money from any of the sales of those books (the project doesn't have to be overall profitable for the author to keep that profit).

How to jump to "the top of the stack:" We prefer authors who can: promote themselves, provide their own platform of followers, keep from scaring off the readers, participate in social media, and line up their own appearances/events/signings.

Regional authors (within, say, one or two states of Kentucky) are easiest for us to promote, since we know the regional conventions and bookstore scene, but we'll also look at outside locations.


If you are looking for information about how to submit your short fiction or poetry to BlackWyrm’s upcoming movie-themed anthology REEL DARK, follow this link: http://landrewcooper.com/call-for-submissions-reel-dark.

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