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BlackWyrm at GenCon

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GenCon is called "the best four days in gaming," and BlackWyrm is doing our best to help it get there.

Visit us in three different places:


  • Booth #2530
  • Author Avenue AB&AC 
  • Author Alley

We'll have several authors and new products. 


  • Bill Keyes' Widening Gyre -- steampunk and sorcery for Savage Worlds
  • Aaron Sullivan's Algernon Files 3.0 -- superheroes in a 64-color world for Mutants & Masterminds, fresh from a successful Kickstarter campaign
  • Michael Surbrook's Larger Than Life -- tall tales and legends for Hero
  • Wilson Zorn's At the Hands of an Angry God -- factions trying to build utopia, and what happens when things go wrong
  • Erasable Castle Map -- this 4-foot long castle can be used with many marker brands
  • Erasable Pirate Ship Map -- this 4-foot long ship can be used with many marker brands
  • William Levy's Hero House -- superpowered sorority sisters; what could go wrong?
  • Michael Satran's Hellbow Rune -- a fairy tale gone askew



Written by: dave
Monday, August 11, 2014
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Is There a Hero in the House

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William Levy's novel Hero House tells the unbelievable story of students at a sorority for <s>superpowered</s> supah-powered young women.
Written by: dave
Monday, August 11, 2014
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The Fandom Menace

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BlackWyrm will inundate FandomFest with authors, speakers, and stories this weekend (August 1-3). This annual event in Louisville, KY draws tens of thousands of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, comic, and pop culture fans.

Our authors would love to chat with you: 


  • L. Andrew Cooper
  • Missy Goodman
  • Ian "Lizard" Harac 
  • Christopher Kokoski
  • William Levy
  • Amy McCorkle
  • Bryan and Wendy Schardein
  • Pamela Turner



Written by: dave
Thursday, July 31, 2014
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International Summit

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BlackWyrm is proud to sponsor The Business of Writing International Summit, held in Louisville, KY this weekend (August 1 and 2).

Experts from around the country will speak on topics such as entrepreneurship, promotion, technology, finance, ebooks, covers, corporate sales, and more.

Dave Mattingly will speak about  Promotion on a Shoestring and Agile Publishing.

Written by: dave
Thursday, July 31, 2014
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Lowcountry Burn

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Gary Yeagle's latest mystery may set you on fire. 

Lowcountry Burn follows Nick Falco, along the South Carolina coast, investigating a loved one's death.

Written by: dave
Thursday, July 31, 2014
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